Hi, I am Shubham Gautam

Founder and CEO EnjoyAlgorithms | IIT | Super 30 | Educator | Passionate about solving problems using data structures and algorithms, system design, object-oriented design, and mathematics | Other skills and interests: C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, tailwind CSS, React, Gatsby, NodeJs, embedded systems, machine learning, UX design, product growth, curriculum design, public speaking.

Nothing brings me greater joy than guiding tech professionals in mastering computer science and helping them achieve their dream success. I am on a mission to simplify computer science concepts for various learners and empower them to become confident problem solvers. My guiding principles are: trust yourself, think outside the box, practice flexibility, explore solutions using multiple methods, cultivate patience, embrace failure as a learning opportunity, collaborate, and exchange ideas.

Email: shubham@enjoyalgorithms.com

What Tech Professionals Say about Shubham?

I was looking to brush up on my algorithm design understanding. After a casual search on the web, I came across the enjoyalgorithms. Immediately I was very impressed by the depth of information. Shubham has a knack for explaining complex things very easy to be understood by beginner or intermediate-level learners. He focuses on delivering quality instead of rushing towards completion. I recommend courses offered by Shubham to industry personnel who want to quickly review algorithm concepts and make a switch or start off with a good company.

Rahul Jain

I got in touch with Shubham after reading his blogs. The main thing about his teaching is to simplify complex topics into a format which can be understood by people with a very basic understanding of the subject. His unique method is to elevate the intuition and thinking process when it comes to problem-solving with data structures. The approach he takes in explaining concepts like recursion, and algorithm analysis is beyond expectation. Following his approach, I feel confident in reading a text on algorithms with different insights. feeling lucky to have a mentor like him.

Sajeesh KK

Enjoyalgorithms covers a lot of topics including DSA and system design and it's a complete goldmine for the techies. Every blog has very rich content and it helps you go from absolute beginner to highly advanced level. All the topics have been embellished with mathematics, computer science concepts, best practices, practice problems, and very deep ideas around the topic which makes it a one-stop solution for anyone who aspires to hit the summit in the computer science field. Thanks Mr. Shubham Gautam for Enjoyalgorithms. It has changed my life!

Ankur Katiyar

I have had a chance to go through the courses at Enjoy Algorithms. Shubham has in-depth knowledge of the content he teaches and is extremely patient. The website content is world-class, especially the mathematical part, and it also has follow-on questions. The best part about the website is that it can be used by all levels of learners, i.e., from starters to advanced. The new look and feel of the website is excellent. I am highly impressed by the content and the team behind it!

Anshul Gupta

Certainly, it's the best in-depth course on algorithms and DSA. The explanations are very clear and concise. Shubham sir and the whole team are really great teachers and mentors. They always explain the topic in detail with different examples that help you understand and remember the concept forever. Their courses are excellent for programmers or developers who truly love solving problems and scaling their systems to the next level. I highly recommend this course to beginners and mid-range experienced problem solvers.

Vijay Shelke

EnjoyAlgorithms is a comprehensive platform for those looking to make a career as a fresher and want to clear FAANG interviews. The website provides well-structured, simple, and crisp content on algorithms, problem-solving, and system design. The content is delivered in a way that is easy to understand and follow, making it a valuable resource for anyone. Shubham is doing a great job of providing valuable content to the community. The website is regularly updated, and Shubham is always available to answer questions and provide feedback.

Santosh Kumar

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