Hi, I am Shubham Gautam

Founder and CEO EnjoyAlgorithms | IIT | Super 30 | Educator | Passionate about solving problems using data structures and algorithms, system design, object-oriented design, and mathematics | Other skills and interests: C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, tailwind CSS, React, Gatsby, NodeJs, embedded systems, machine learning, UX design, product growth, curriculum design, public speaking.

Nothing brings me greater joy than guiding tech professionals in mastering computer science and helping them achieve their dream success. I am on a mission to simplify computer science concepts for various learners and empower them to become confident problem solvers. My guiding principles are: trust yourself, think outside the box, practice flexibility, explore solutions using multiple methods, cultivate patience, embrace failure as a learning opportunity, collaborate, and exchange ideas.

Email: shubham@enjoyalgorithms.com

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