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Methods To Check The Performance Of Classification Models

whenever we say that we have built a machine learning model, the first question that comes to us is, What is the accuracy of your model?


How Uber Use Machine Learning To Facilitate Surge Price?

Uber is one such tech giant that continuously explores Machine Learning and Data Science methods and dedicated experiments to better customer experience.


Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning

One of the smartest use-cases of data science and machine learning is building the machine learning application for financial security.


Optical Character Recognition using Logistic Regression (Linear Models)

Character recognition is a primary step in recognizing whether any text or character is present and whether our algorithms can recognize it or not in the given image.


Soil Fertility Prediction Using Gradient Boosting Technique

The use of recent technologies like Machine Learning and Data Science in agriculture will increase the quantity and quality and simultaneously ease the process of farming by a huge.


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