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Famous Loss Functions and Cost Functions in Machine Learning

Optimization of error function is the respiratory process for Machine learning algorithms. But this error function varies for classification and regression problems.

Methods To Check The Performance Of Classification Models

whenever we say that we have built a machine learning model, the first question that comes to us is, What is the accuracy of your model?

Methods To Check The Performance Of Regression Models

We try to compare the performance of Machine Learning models to check its accuracy or robustness. For a regression model we measure error between predicted and actual target variables.

Top 10 Misconceptions in the field of Machine Learning

In this article, we will be discussing those 10 most common misconceptions that are so popular that every one of us must have come across at least once in our ML journey.

How to build Recommender System using Machine Learning?

Recommender System refers to a kind of system that could predict the future preference for a user based on his/her previous behavior or by focusing on the behavior of similar kind of users.

Machine Learning Glossary: A-2-Z Terms In Machine Learning

In this blog one can find the definitions of all the terms which are related to machine learning. We would suggest to pin this blog for quick revision.

E-mail spam and non-spam filtering using Machine Learning

K-NN implementation and Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook case studyIn 2019, on average, every person was receiving 130 emails each day, and overall, 296 Billion emails have been sent in that year.

How to start Machine Learning journey: A step-by-step Guidance

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are some of the hottest topics that can ensure a brighter future for any individual in the upcoming decade.

Top 5 Learning Challenges for Machine Learning Beginners

In starting, Machine Learning or Artificial intelligence may be a buzzword to many who are curious but don’t know where to get started. To start with, Machine Learning may seem like a formidable task, especially if one lacks a certain background.

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