Famous Loss Functions and Cost Functions in Machine Learning

Optimization algorithms are the heart of Machine learning algorithms, as most ML algorithms get reduced to optimizing functions. But have we…


Methods To Check The Performance Of Classification Models

Classification problems are one of the most used categories of problem statements in Machine Learning and Data Science. When we explore the…


Methods To Check The Performance Of Regression Models

The model-building process is the core part of Machine Learning. There is much research going on in this area to build a more accurate model…


Top 10 Misconceptions in the field of Machine Learning

Data Science and Machine Learning are emerging as one of the hottest topics in the advancing industrial or technology domain. Almost every…


How to build Recommender System using Machine Learning?

With the increased accessibility to the internet, each business sector has expanded at an extreme speed. We must be aware of Amazon…


Machine Learning Glossary: A-2-Z Terms In Machine Learning

Accuracy:- Accuracy is used to evaluate a classification model. It is defined as the percentage of the total number of correct predictions…


E-mail spam and non-spam filtering using Machine Learning

In the new era of technical advancement, electronic mails (e-mails) have gathered significant users for professional, commercial, and…


How to start Machine Learning journey: A step-by-step Guidance

In this growing world, technical achievements are playing a vital role. We must have heard that technology has started to solve some of the…


Top 5 Learning Challenges for Machine Learning Beginners

Staring any new journey always require motivation and proper guidance. Pathway seems very neat and straight at the start, but it's always…


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