Level Order (Breadth First Search) Traversal of Binary Tree
Level Order Traversal (BFS Traversal) of Binary Tree

Level order traversal accesses nodes in level by level order. This is also called breadth first search or BFS traversal. Here we start processing from the root node, then process all nodes at the first level, then process all nodes at the second level, and so on. In other words, we explore all nodes at the current level before going to nodes at the next level.

Flood Fill Algorithm
Flood Fill Algorithm

The flood fill problem is a way to fill a region of connected pixels with a new colour, starting from a given pixel in an image. You are given an image represented by an m x n grid of integers, where the image[i] represents the pixel value at position (i, j). You are also given the coordinates of a starting pixel (x, y) and a new colour to use for the flood fill operation.

Implement Stack using Queues
Implement Stack using Queues

Write a program to implement a stack using queues. We must use queue operations like enqueue, dequeue, front, size to implement stack operations like push, pop, and top. We have discussed three approaches: 1) Using two queues: O(n) pop and O(1) push 2) Using two queues: O(1) pop and O(n) push 3) Using one queue: O(1) pop and O(n) push.

Implement Queue Using Two Stacks
Implement Queue Using Stacks

Write a program to implement queue using stack. We should use stack operations like push, pop, top, size, and isEmpty for implementing queue operations like enqueue, dequeue, and front. In this blog, we have discussed two approaches for implementing queue using two stacks: 1) Dequeue O(1) and Enqueue O(n) 2) Enqueue O(1) and Dequeue O(1).

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