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Introduction to Data Structures: Types, Classifications and Applications

The code structure of a well-designed algorithm using data structure is just like a structure of a good house. So a design of an algorithm must be based on a good understanding of data structures: properties, structure, implementation techniques, and efficiency of its critical operations. The fact is: Data structures are the core building blocks of algorithms and real-life applications.

Steps of Problem-Solving in Data Structure and Algorithms

For cracking the coding interview and learning problem solving with data structures and algorithms, programmers must continuously practice the steps of coding problem solving and develop an approach to write correct and efficient code in a given time.

Step by Step Guide for Cracking the Coding Interview

A comprehensive guide to master data structures and algorithms and crack the coding interview. This could help programmers prepare a step-by-step learning plan for the coding interview preparation. Explore and Enjoy!

Top 10 learning challenges in Data Structure and Algorithms

Programmers face these 10 challenges in learning data structure and algorithms for cracking the coding interview - 1) A lot of popular perceptions about DSA 2) Lack of continuous learning 3​) Dependencies of the DSA topics 4) Complex explanation of the DSA concepts 5) Memorising Concept and Solutions 6) How to think of a solution idea? 7) How to write the correct code? 8) Fear of maths logic 9) Lack of coding interview skills 10)Poor collaboration and doubt resolution

How to develop algorithmic thinking in data structure and algorithms?

Algorithmic thinking definition: It is a method for solving algorithms and data structure problems based on a clear definition of the steps logically and repeatedly. Therefore, thinking algorithmically is essential for learning data structures and algorithms and solve various coding interview questions.

How to get started with Competitive Programming?

Competitive Programming is a coding contest involving many participants who compete to design efficient solutions to coding problems in a given time. Competitive coding is a great activity to enhance coding skills, problem-solving skills, and analytical skills.

Step by step learning plan for interview success

Let's discuss something important: how to prepare a learning plan to achieve interview success? Sharing here a step-by-step guided strategy.

Why should we learn data structures and algorithms?

There are four critical importance to learn data structures and algorithms: 1) An algorithm is a technology 2) It is at the core of library functions and several APIs 3) For cracking the coding interview 4) Algorithms are beautiful! This blog answer one of the critical questions: how do we develop a long-term motivation to learn data structures and algorithms?

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