A Team of Passionate Professionals!

We are a team of experts from Top tech companies, Super 30 and IIT, who enjoy computer science, programming, problem-solving, and collaboration. We are on a life-long mission to promote value-based 21st-century skills in computer science.

✪ Vision and Mission

  • Impact Focused Approach

    Computer science is a 21st-century domain that can provide sustainable solutions to several real-life problems. We look this as an opprtunity to impact millions of lives.

  • Innovation In Education

    We follow the design thinking process to create content with reason-oriented explanations. We are on a mission to simplify and organize computer science knowledge.

  • Success Oriented Guidance

    We help learners to define goals and formulate a guided learning path to achieve a dream career based on their interests. We believe in learner-centric approach of guidance.

  • World Class Community

    We are on a mission to build a global network of problem solvers who love sharing ideas, collaborate to solve problems, and help each other to achieve a dream career.

✪ Core Team and Mentors

Shubham Gautam

Curriculum Leader DSA, OOPS and Math
Founder EnjoyAlgorithms | Super 30 | IIT BHU

Ravish Raj

Curriculum Leader ML and DL
KPIT | Super 30 | IIT Kanpur

Keshav Nandan

Curriculum Leader System Design
Snap Inc. | Ex-Uber | Super 30 | IIT BHU

Chiranjeev Kumar

Content Consultant and Reviewer
Amazon | Ex-Adobe | Super 30 | IIT BHU

✪ Key Contributors and Authors

Mahendra Chouhan

Object Orieneted Design
Google | Ex-Moonfrog | IIT BHU | IIT KGP

Shashank Gupta

Machine Learning | Data Science
Larsen and Toubro Infotech | IIT Kanpur

Navtosh Kumar

System Design | DS-Algorithms
Full Stack Development | IIT BHU

Suyash Namdeo

System Design | Machine Learning
Applied Data Science | IIT KGP

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