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Machine Learning and Deep Learning expert | EnjoyAlgorithms | Deeplite | IIT Kanpur | Super 30 | Educator | Passionate about using AI for everyday life | Other skills and interests: Computer Vision, Neural Networks, MLOps, Python, Data Structures and Algorithms, Physics, Mathematics.

I am a guide who helps tech professionals master computer science and build next-generation technology. I continuously strive to simplify AI and ML concepts, helping tech professionals implement industrial projects. My guiding principles are patience, continuous learning and improvement, collaboration, and thinking of out-of-the-box solutions.

Email: ravish@enjoyalgorithms.com

What Tech Professionals Say about Ravish?

Switching my career to the machine learning domain after working for more than 20+ years in COTS products seems daunting, but I would like to thank Ravish for making it easier for me. While most online courses focus on the 'how' – using tools and getting results – they often lack the crucial 'why' – the fundamental understanding that empowers independent thinking. This is where EnjoyAlgorithms shines. The course starts with basic concepts and builds steadily, step by step. It has enabled me to implement ML projects and solve ML problems in my day-to-day work.

Shrini Dhanaraj

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Ravish on designing Enjoyalgorithm's ML content, and it has been an enlightening experience. His approach to explaining concepts and applications strikes a perfect balance for learners at all levels. The clarity with which he explains topics such as Gradient Descent, Kernels, Normalization, and Word2Vec is remarkable. Particularly, the 'Interview Questions' section in each blog proved immensely helpful during my data science interview preparations. For anyone delving into the realm of data science, Enjoyalgorithms is the ideal resource I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Nimit Jain

I have been reading ML blogs from EnjoyAlgorithms every week, and I also had a chance to be the first one to attend their ML live sessions, which is a gold standard for anyone who wants to kickstart a career in ML and data science. The course starts with fundamentals and slowly progresses to advanced methodologies and hands-on projects critical for data scientist and ML engineer roles. Ravish, being an experienced mentor in this domain, I learned a lot from this course and would highly recommend it to anyone willing to learn ML and data science.

Shashank Gupta

Ever since I visited the EnjoyAlgorithms website, Ravish’s expertly crafted blogs on machine learning and AI have become my go-to source for any related topic. His insightful writing simplifies complicated concepts, and with a blend of expertise and clarity, Ravish ensures that every blog is not just informative but also a pleasure to read. I especially appreciate the 'possible interview questions' section at the end of each blog, which makes me rethink and go through everything I have just learned.

Abhijeet Anand

I had the chance to attend Enjoyalgorithm's machine learning Live sessions. Even though I am a professional working as a data scientist, the session led by Ravish provided insights into many fundamental concepts of ML. This opportunity enabled me to delve into more granular details that went unnoticed earlier, helping me train better ML models. With Ravish's guidance, I got the opportunity to develop an end-to-end ML model from scratch, deepening my knowledge and adding richness to my resume.

Harshit Agarwal

I wanted to learn Machine Learning, and EnjoyAlgorithms' blogs were a tremendous help. As a software engineer, I am strengthening my skills in ML by staying informed about recent industry trends. The way EnjoyAlgorithms explains complex ML concepts in their content is remarkably easy to understand. Ravish's blogs not only make ML less intimidating but also turn it into an exciting journey. He simplifies complex ideas and explains them with examples and real-life applications. If you're starting with Machine Learning and seeking a great mentor, Ravish is the right person.

Alok Verma

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