Forecasting Stock Market Price Using Neural Networks
Stock Market Price Prediction Using Machine Learning

Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are used to forecast the stock market price. Based on that, Traders take a decision on whether to buy or sell any stock. In this blog, we will be building a forecasting technique for Amazon stock prices using 1 and 2 hidden-layer neural networks. We will evaluate and compare the performance of ANN with the traditional SVM model.

Crop Yield Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
Crop Yield Prediction Using Machine Learning (ANN)

Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) have the potential to benefit agriculture by providing accurate predictions of crop yield. Such predictions can be helpful for farmers, allowing them to estimate their profits more precisely. In this blog, we will build an ANN model for crop yield prediction and analyze the impact of rainfall, temperature, and pesticide usage on crop production.

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