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Data Pre-processing Techniques for Machine Learning

From the above definition, we can easily sense that data can be in mainly four different forms, Numerical, Textual, Visual or Audio. But this raw form of data can not be used directly for building machine learning models.

Hands-On Methods For Data Pre-Processing Of Structured Data

In this blog, we will do hands-on on all these preprocessing techniques. We will use different datasets for demonstration and briefly discuss the intuition behind the methods.

Pre-processing of Time Series Data In Machine Learning

Time series data is found everywhere, and to perform the time series analysis, we must preprocess the data first. Time Series preprocessing techniques have a significant influence on data modelling accuracy.

Word Vector Encoding: Make Machines Understand Text

Computers only understand numbers, not text. So we need to convert our text into vectors using vector encoding.

Pre-processing Of Text Data In Machine Learning Part 1

Text data pre-processing ensures optimal results when executed properly. Fortunately, Python has excellent support of NLP libraries such as NLTK, spaCy, and Gensim to ease our text analysis.

Need of Feature Scaling in Machine Learning

Big organizations in data science and machine learning domains record many attributes/properties to ensure they do not lose any critical information.

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