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Time Series Forecasting Using Machine Learning

Time Series Forecasting refers to the use of statistical models to predict future values using the previously recorded observations.

Sentiment Analysis for Classifying Sentiment of Movie Reviews

Classification of movie reviews into positive and negative review categories using sentiment analysis and NLP is discussed in this article..

Wine Quality Prediction Using k-NN Regressor

Prediction of wine quality is a challenging task for humans but using machine learning and data science techniques, it can be made easy.

Car Resale Value Prediction Using Random Forest Regressor

Companies like Cars24 and uses Regression analysis to estimate the used car prices based on specific attributes.

How Uber Use Machine Learning To Facilitate Surge Price?

Uber is one such tech giant that continuously explores Machine Learning and Data Science methods and dedicated experiments to better customer experience.

Soil Fertility Prediction Using Gradient Boosting Technique

The use of recent technologies like Machine Learning and Data Science in agriculture will increase the quantity and quality and simultaneously ease the process of farming by a huge.

Machine Learning In Medical Science: Cancer Classification Model Using SVM

Many major companies like Google, IBM, etc., are exploring machine learning potential in this domain. Cancer classification is one such area where ML can deliver a robust predictive model to identify the cancer possibility based on given observations.

How to build Recommender System using Machine Learning?

Recommender System refers to a kind of system that could predict the future preference for a user based on his/her previous behavior or by focusing on the behavior of similar kind of users.

E-mail spam and non-spam filtering using Machine Learning

K-NN implementation and Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook case studyIn 2019, on average, every person was receiving 130 emails each day, and overall, 296 Billion emails have been sent in that year.

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