Sentiment Analysis for Classifying Sentiment of Movie Reviews

Sentiment Analysis is the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Mining, and Computational Linguistics to identify, extract, and…


Wine Quality Prediction Using k-NN Regressor

Data and its interpretation are helping many industries across the world. Machine learning models built over the data collected are solving…


Car Resale Value Prediction Using Random Forest Regressor

Leading organizations are collecting tons of data every day to derive business decisions and solutions from it. With this huge amount of…


How Uber Use Machine Learning To Facilitate Surge Price?

Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are transforming the world using their applicability in many domains. More and…


Soil Fertility Prediction Using Gradient Boosting Technique

Agriculture is one of the most important inventions of humankind. But due to urbanization and industrialization, the amount of cultivable…


Machine Learning In Medical Science: Cancer Classification Model Using SVM

Machine Learning and Data Science in the medical domain deliver many promises, specifically in the diagnosis sector. This applies to…


How to build Recommender System using Machine Learning?

With the increased accessibility to the internet, each business sector has expanded at an extreme speed. We must be aware of Amazon…


E-mail spam and non-spam filtering using Machine Learning

In the new era of technical advancement, electronic mails (e-mails) have gathered significant users for professional, commercial, and…


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