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Customer Segmentation using Hierarchical Clustering

Customer Segmentation helps businesses to develop customer-focused marketing strategies and tactics. Every customer has a different taste; therefore, one single approach is not applicable for all the customers.

Optical Character Recognition using Logistic Regression (Linear Models)

Character recognition is a primary step in recognizing whether any text or character is present and whether our algorithms can recognize it or not in the given image.

Boston House Price Prediction Using Support Vector Regressor

The surrounding environment highly influences house prices but machine learning techniques can help us accurately predict the house price by taking account of all important features.

Life Expectancy Prediction Using Linear Regression

With ongoing advancements in Machine Learning and Data Science, we can precisely predict the remaining life span of a person given the essential parameters.

Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning

One of the smartest use-cases of data science and machine learning is building the machine learning application for financial security.

Personality Prediction using Machine Learning

Machine learning technologies are now able to predict the individual's personality based on their social media usage. Personality-based communications are highly used in dating apps and recommendation systems.

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