Single Responsibility Principle in Object Oriented Design

The story continues … Mohan was sitting ideally in his room, waiting for his next task to be assigned after promotion. Soon Rahul came to…


Principles of Object-Oriented Programming

Once upon a time in the OO world, Mr. Rahul, our product manager was given the opportunity to create the website for, the one…


Introduction to OOPS in C++

Why the idea of "OOPS" is essential? Object-Oriented Programming binds together the data and the methods in the form of an object and…


Critical Ideas to Learn in C++ Programming

Pointers in C++  A pointer is a special kind of variable designed to store the memory address of another variable. Declaring a pointer is as…


Introduction to OOPS in Java

This article assumes that you are familiar with procedural programming. So, let’s begin with an example of the same. Assume we need to…


Why should we learn Object Oriented Programming?

‘Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs’ There is a famous book by Niklaus Wirth, which covers fundamental concepts of programming, and…


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