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Having knowledge from multiple domain helps in problem solving

Hi, I’m Aditya Vikram, currently working as a software engineer at Adobe. I was born in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, but I grew up in Rajasthan. Since my father had a transferable job, my schooling was scattered across several small towns in Rajasthan.

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Try it out! No matter you will pass or fail, but you will definitely learn

Hello Everyone, I am Aman. I am currently serving the role of Chief Technical Officer (CTO) in my startup, Dybo, which is based on the Augmented Reality.

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Don't hesitate to take the roads less traveled by

Hello Everyone! I am Sandesh Kumar, currently a Software Development Engineer in Amazon Web Services (**AWS**). My schooling has happened from an ICSE board school of the Jhansi district in Uttar Pradesh. Mathematics and Computers were my favorite subjects during my school days, and I spent my free time exploring them only.

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Put yourself in a position where you have the flexibility to choose your company

Starting with the motivation behind preparing myself to explore Computer science fields is mostly the number of opportunities at every level in both the Corporate World and Research fields.

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The journey from a remote village to being software engineer at Silicon Valley Startup

Hi, I am Pankaj Kumar, a senior software back-end engineer at, a hyper-converged data platform. Before moving forward to a life-changing experience in computer science, I would like to start with a personal life story. I am from a remote village named Gopalpur in the Siwan district of Bihar, where I completed primary and secondary education from my village government school.

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The journey from a remote village to being software engineer at Mathworks

An inspiring success story of Dhananjay in computer science. He faced several challenges in his life journey and landed in the famous super 30 program run by Anand Kumar. After that, he went to IIT Kharagpur electrical engineering to start his journey of aspirations. He is currently working as a passionate software engineer in Mathworks.

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The journey from a remote village to being software engineer at Microsoft 

I hail from a small, underdeveloped, and conservative village in Karnataka, where educating daughters were questioned because they were supposed to learn household chores and get married.

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Love Maths? Computer science is perfect for you! 

While I’m dabbling in a few distinct areas, one of my favorites is computational complexity. It primarily involves not just designing efficient algorithms but also proving barriers against the existence of those.

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