Try It Out! No matter you will pass or fail, but you will definitely learn: Aman

Introduction Hello Everyone, I am Aman. I am currently serving the role of Chief Technical Officer (CTO) in my startup, Dybo, which is based…


Don't Hesitate To Take The Roads Less Travelled By: Sandesh.

Background Hello Everyone! I am Sandesh Kumar, currently a Software Development Engineer in Amazon Web Services (AWS). My schooling has…


Put Yourself in a Position where You have the Flexibility to choose Your Company: Shubham Jain

Introduction Hi, I am Shubham Jain, currently working as a Quant Researcher in Graviton Research Capital (a High-frequency trading firm…


The Journey from a Remote Village to IITK to being Software Engineer at Silicon Valley Startup - Pankaj

Background Hi, I am Pankaj Kumar, a senior software back-end engineer at, a hyper-converged data platform. Before moving forward to…


The Journey from a Remote Village in Bihar to IIT KGP to being Software Engineer at Mathworks - Dhananjay

Background Hi, this is Dhananjay, currently working as a Software Engineer in Mathworks. Before moving forward to the computer science story…


The Journey From a Remote Village to IITK to Being Software Engineer at Microsoft - Archana

Background I hail from a small, underdeveloped, and conservative village in Karnataka, where educating daughters were questioned because…


Love Maths? Computer Science is perfect for you! - Tushant Mittal

Introduction Hi! I am Tushant, a third-year graduate student at the University of Chicago, pursuing my Master ’s+PhD in the area of…


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